Bring all the colours of Bolzan Letti's beds to life. Scan the pages and see a 3D representation of the beds you prefer along with all the technical information available.
Bolzan Letti is an augmented reality based application that lets you surf through all the colours of the Bolzan Letti Collections, for an incredible 360° virtual experience, in any space and from any angle!

Let’s get started:
1. Download the Bolzan Letti app from the App Store.
2. Print the marker page: you can find it inside the app or you can download it from
3. Position the tracking marker on the floor in front of you or in the space you want the Bolzan Letti product to appear.
4. Browse the app and choose the colour product you prefer, then tap it.
5. Scan the marker and bring your favorite virtual Bolzan Letti beds to life!
6. Enjoy Bolzan Letti Collections from every perspective: move around the marker or rotate the 3D model in order to find the perfect spot in your room.
7. Take a photo and share it in your social networks and with your friends!

Download the app now and prepare to be wowed!

Bolzan Contest 2016